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Re: Pope Francis is the best pope
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Pope Francis is almost as awesome Hera.

Re: Pope Francis is the best pope
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Re: Pope Francis is the best pope
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I totally sympathize with your point of view, and I really do agree he seems a lot nicer than some popes.

But what kind of bugged me is that attitudes of the religious organisation of which he is the head had kind of upset the poor kid in the first place. He was 6, and he was afraid his dad was in hell.

I am of an age now where I get to see about as many funerals as I see weddings in what is still a pretty Catholic country, and I cannot tell you how often I have had to listen to wizened nasty little gnomes warning grieving relatives that they better stick with the church if they want to see them again. During a goddamn funeral mass. There seems to be a machine in this country somewhere that turns out angry hobbits dressed in vestments. There are loads of nice ones too, mind. But good lord it feels like you meet that particular type a lot if you live in a catholic country.

I would have whole-heartedly applauded his performance here of he hadn't included the rider about baptizing his children. Even with it, it is so much nicer than it used to be. I appreciate the way he is even letting nice atheists into heaven these days. The CC is slowly, SLOOOOOWLY starting to shed some of their awful baggage.

But he did include it. And those priests at those funerals I sit through do say those petty, nasty, smallminded things. It doesn't bother me much personally, but it does bother people I know and care about. And I live in a country where the CC is pretty much unavoidable: almost no non-catholic schools, so my agnostic daughter goes to a Catholic one. Funerals happen in churches. Weddings do. Young kids do confirmation and so on. Etc etc etc.

I think the CC could be so much nicer. I think it would be so much better for them: both priests and believers could be so much happier if they could just focus on the joys of faith rather than on areas that clearly conflict with the modern ethos as most people, in this country at least, see it.

I am not so much cynical as I am frustrated, I think. That should absolutely not blind me to what is good and nice and so on, I totally agree with you there. But on the other hand, it is not like THAT much is being asked of these guys either. No-one is asking them to stop believing in God, or to believe that God wants them to live a certain way. It would just be nice if they could stop being jerks in the name of their religion to other people. And sometimes it feels a little bit like they get a round of applause whenever they almost completely fail to be a jerk to other people.

Yup :)