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  • ksen
Westworld Season 2 (spoilers included)
Started last night.

I need to watch it again because I was doing some other stuff while it was on and this seems to be a show that demands all of your attention.

At first I thought there were two Bernards but now I'm thinking they're doing another split-timeline. And didn't Bernard know he was Arnold by the end of season 1?

Also, people are still trying to push the shrink-ray theory.

Re: Westworld Season 2 (spoilers included)
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oh shit they just restarted this show? yessssss

  • ffejrxx
Re: Westworld Season 2 (spoilers included)
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yes split timeline again
one timeline begins at the end of last season
and the other 11 days later iirc

had me confused for a bit too, rewatched to clerify

and new archer season starts this week

Re: Westworld Season 2 (spoilers included)
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dolores is basically daenerys now lol

Re: Westworld Season 2 (spoilers included)
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serious speculation time:

-dolores' dialog is bad now because she's a schizo mess of two pre-written personalities trying to figure out how to be a real girl, but she is also still partially on programmed rails. she's basically going around like a host dark messiah so that she can mass swap the brain cores of the hosts in her little cult/army into host replicas of real people and infiltrate the real world. the "weapon" is a thing that can do this.

-ghost nation is already doing this though. they wanted sizemore specifically, and they previously captured stubbs who's just back and walking around like it's nbd. they are actually making "ghosts," that is, host replicants of park VIPs. possibly they have been self-aware for a while and kept it on the DL. this is why stubbs' and maeve's voice commands didn't work on them. this is why their scalps all have a maze tattoo on the inside of them. (eta: also why the park's backstage workings are their mythology.)
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  • ksen
Re: Westworld Season 2 (spoilers included)
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Like the ghost nation speculation.

Re: Westworld Season 2 (spoilers included)
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my expected big twist is that the hosts have all been based in some manner or another on real people.