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Re: One sentence story.
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Ecteripo threw down a stylus and several monitoring devices and excitedly waved four sensor-studded hairy limbs in the air. "There! It's as I said, it does not matter what input is fed to the holoscape; inevitably they will find a way to reduce it to reproductive fantasy! How has such a fatally distracted species managed to survive so successfully?"

Ocdancir shrugged eloquently, tarsi quivering. "The answer seems self evident, does it not? Now shut it down for the night, our web sector is suffering from inattention." Chi wiggled pedipalps in amusement. "One would think you've come to like their dreamings."

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Re: One sentence story.
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Meanwhile Zem was in the corner globbering floopily. Zem had just willomied noisily after a satisfactory follop but the table corner got in the way and he flurred and glurried aloud as his lower body vollued uncontrolably.

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Re: One sentence story.
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With visible effort, Ecteripo heaved chir bulky abdomen, swollen with eggs, out of the hammock. "Do something with your disgusting pet, Ocdancir. Why you chose to adopt a creature with 17 different equally abominable excretory functions is beyond me. And it stinks."

Ocdancir crouched defensively, keeping four front-facing eyes on Ecteripo's retreating spinnerets and several others on Zem. Chi edged closer to the glurrying thing, surreptitiously lapping up some of its more liquid eliminations. It was a certainty that Ecteripo didn't know chi got high off the volluing-stimulated secretions.
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Re: One sentence story.
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Re: One sentence story.
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Re: One sentence story.
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Not so fast... it's not over until the fat lady sings.
"This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time."

Re: One sentence story.
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... fat lady takes out projector thingy and positions it in the aisle, starts belly dancing, thinks bloke next to her looks a tad familiar ...