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To be fair that is a bad question for binary answers.
What better way to defile it then piss on Donald Trump in it?
Joke would've worked better with tempest. 
Her name isn't Tempest.

No shit.  But comedy is garbage when you dumb it down.  Anyone that knows the fucking saying will get the joke and it will actually be funny.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Avengers: Infinity War
Hopefully all of them except for T'Challa.
iirc, a young George Washington almost single-handedly started the French and Indian wars by being a brash idiot. 

there were tensions there, but diplomatic discussions underway to ease them.  Washington was sent to meet the French emissary.  instead of meeting as agreed, Washington randomly (?) decided to attack the french.  after subduing them, one of his Mohawk guides, apparently not on the same page as Washington, killed the French diplomat and ate his brains.  the French government didn't respond well to that and war ensued.

In retrospect, this is a pretty great post in a thread that is literally about bullshit anecdotes.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Avengers: Infinity War
I mean, i'll see it, and I'm sure it will be entertaining, but the avengers-style movies quickly lost their long term appeal.  Stuff like Wonder Woman and Black Panther are much better at being movies.

eta (and the recent Spider-Man).
Are you sure that's just not the time it took to get the already completed bridge in place?

I'm pretty sure it was the time to put in place since I said "put it up" and instead of "build it". I could have been clearer I guess.

Well, in that case 6 hours does not really seem like too little of an amount of time.
How about a good comprehensive book on pre colonial Americas?
Science / Re: Stephen Hawking thread
This is probably a good time to mention that he is dead.
I'm aware.  My post would not have made any sense if I wasn't aware of that.
Are you sure that's just not the time it took to get the already completed bridge in place?

Well, "requesting" isn't really compulsory.
Well, it's not that "he thinks that."  I think I said "what about...." and he replied something non-committal like "people like it, it's as good a place as any to start."
What does that mean exactly?  Are either of those notorious for being shitty bridge builders?
Countdown to shitty "MAYBE WE SHOULD BAN BRIDGES!??!?!" memes by idiots on facebook
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Thor: Ragnarok
I have no problem with the theory that some people have taste.   I'm sure that is why this movie is pretty well regarded, critically.  Although I am guessing that if you did a Venn Diagram of your version of "people with taste" and "old people," that Venn Diagram would be very close to a single circle.
I only say that because I asked gunner recently for almost the same recommendation and I  think where that conversation ended up is that People's History is as good as any for a starting point.
Yeah that's the link I read.  There appear to be multiple accounts of what went down.
Have you vetted that?  Because some half assed googling does not appear to back that up very well.
That guy looks exactly how you think he'd look.  I skimmed the titles of his other WaPo articles and most look pretty awful.