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Yes, the Internet is under a lot of stress these days.  I'm so glad TR has a stress reduction thread.
Mafia / Re: mu championship
diva's MU championship game starts Monday, May 21.

Best wishes, d.
Mafia / Re: mu championship
I may need a sub for rachmarie in Dog Mafia @ Mindromp.
They must certainly be planning something.

Cherry-Garrard noted: "They are extraordinarily like children, these little people of the Antarctic world, either like children or like old men, full of their own importance."
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
sooo... TECHNICALLY, nosty was killed by me and it was MZ who got lynched, and both Town rach & Town borealis made it all the way to the end. Overall a vast improvement on MRTown mafia, I'd say.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
Feel free to use the co-commuter role in future games.
I think this mafia role should be called Ambien or Zolpidem for the effect of sleep-driving with the kids.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
Congrats, scum, and thanks raven.

I feel responsible for losing this game for town. Sorry town. :(

But at least I spotted and kilt Timewave!
Well, I have to say, I've done extensive research and evaluation and as a perfectly innocent direwolf puppy I'd have to agree, here is where it all went South:

Quote from: grit on January 30, 2018, 07:45:55 PM
I haven't seen bo since she went out in the snow.  Should we be worried?

Quote from: borealis the Canadian Napper
I have come in out of the snow. It was all very tiring and I had to take a nap before making dinner.

You all sound so very much as if you were town, someone please say something outrageously suspicious and trolley-trackable.

@@VOTE timewave@@ cause he never gets to be mayor and why not?
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
I was just misunderstood, I tell you. Even rach saw that LD was the true scum. Ships can't help if they're carrying rice or whatever.  :starelol:
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
Yeah that through me off a bit

but I did get one of the scumz  :happydance:

I was telling timewave, not just as subordinate to superior but as son to father as well. "We're all with you, sir, but consider this. We are free. We have a ship, and the means to go where we will. We have escaped permanent exile in San Bernardino [(no, not the Flintstone 'dog')]. You have proven your superior intellect, and defeated the plans of rachmarie. You do not need to de-feet her again."
But timewave, he saiz,  "She tasks me. She tasks me, and I shall have her. I'll chase her round the Moons of the Big Apple and round the Ravenscape Maelstrom and round Oblivion's flames before I give her up! [No one responds.] Prepare to alter course!"
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
thanks for game, raven :)

i enjoyed being emperor and sending love notes
You shld be Emperor and send luv notes every game. I'm just sayin'.  <3
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
Nicely played grit.

Somehow it had to be you but I just couldn't build a convincing case. And I did try. about the fact that he was completely scummy :shrug:
That is soooooooo wrong! There was like at least 2% of something else, just like the milk. I'm pretty sure. Why you have to h8? Next game I'm going to eat you first. I'm GLAD I switch my mayor vote from you to diva. GLAD, I say.  <3
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
...and so once again we see that of course diva is scumoquentoquacious and Testy was right not to trust her and Mz correct to nip it in the bud. Nip it, nip it, nip it. Plus, unAmerican and a lemon pinky.

Plus, pfft, teeth has done this every game for like years and stuff. He solves the game in 10 minutes and then gets too bored to live. You ask anybody.

And diva didn't even read my role flip. I was a 2-shot JOAT. And bo and I use sekrit codes all the time - it's called English. After our championship game with dlgn or whoever, you should have joined our American cause and squashed Mz flat even if raven would haz to godkill you - Y.B hasn't seen one of those yet and we all know it's your job to demon-strate that with the proper flair and Zen-shattering angst. You ask anybody.  <3   :hug:

And, no, don't mistake that hug for girlie sentimentality - that's just me tryin' to get close enough to eat the heart out of your chest.   :dunno: It's what I do.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
Congratz all players, and thanks for the game, raven.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
el guapo always takes someone with him.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
I must have secretly wanted Congress gone.  :blushing:
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
I'm spruce. I'm disgusting.


TRTown won this one. Something just got catawhampus in the moonlight. Y'all had me corked in the cracker clacker from day 1, starting with ol' brown tooth. All of Town had a couple of us by Day 2. I guess everyone was off watching Old Yeller and just couldn't shoot the rabid wolf cub. FWIW I think my stupid phone gave us the scum win. Praying would be proud.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
also MZ was not bussed he was town
Thanks. I do not know why I had that particular brainfart - since this morning.
um, that was pretty major, bo. But I know you're not scum or as weak cop I'd have died. And I've been thinking about it and can't see your slip as an indie mistake unless you thought a scum kill had been prevented, or even knew it had. I think there has to have been 3 scum. 

It really had me wondering, "Wut?!" though, as much over raven and the game as you. I hope you're not an Indie who wins in parity with scum and town. That might mean you'd have to lynch town today. In any case I have to nail scum today or lose.

I've gone back and forth between rach and Y.B. I convinced myself it must be rach but she's right, a scum rach should have backed me as mayor today after yesterday's vote. It must be Y.B.

##VOTE Y.B##

I don't know if I'll be able to hold on 'till midnight. Y.B, if you've anything to add now is the time.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
So am I right to think that yesterday rach and I would have been on Y.B, with Mz and bo on rach, and Y.B trying to follow Mz's lead? I know that's not how it wound up, but that was the intent, right?

##VOTE rachmarie##

Without further insights I think this is right.  That's mostly based on gut read that rach knows what's going on compared to Y.B being the new kid in town. I think were it Y.B we'd have picked up on more in-thread 'help' from TW.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
I did not mention it because I knew it was not a tie due to the mayor vote
I meant, it maybe speaks in your favour that you made no attempt whatsoever to 'cash in' on the delicate vote situation. You haven't much on the Scum LD delivery either, even though poked by bo about it.

Just for handy info, here's some things:
Testy - Mary Ellen Pleasant, Imperial 1-shot co-commuter.
Teething - Isadore Boudin, Imperial 1-shot loyal bread vendor
MikeS - Charles Crocker, Imperial 1-shot ascetic bus driver
diva - Samuel Clemens, Imperial 2-shot amnesiac motion detector
Timewave - The US Congress, American  2-shot Jailkeeper
laughingdog - The Democratic and Republican parties American  2-shot Watcher
Deadlokd - Ah Toy, Imperial loud inventor and San Franciso's first Chinese Madam.
Nostrum - Emperor Norton, Imperial Love Note Messenger.
Magicziggy - Minna Rae, Imperial Day 1 beloved sex worker.

___ claims ____
Y.B - "Albert S. Evans. editor of the Alta California newspaper. Imperial Editor-in-Chief, in fact. Sometimes I may receive news stories other townies are not privvy to. role PM doesn't say 'reporter' anywhere, so I don't know about that part". Diva said, "when I think about it I don't think a named townie wld be a fakeclaim that raven wld give and I don't think that yb wld have thought to claim that."
rach - "Henry Wells one of the two founders of the bank Wells Fargo, compulsive day 1 neighborizer." - claims randomly assigned by GM to Scum LD. LD confirms neighborized.
Borealis - "hate outing 7 hours early but no choice, looking at the current votes [3.5 to 1]. I'm a one shot town vig". >she immediately votes Scum TW.
LOL, she gets a brief reprieve then is put back into lynch-lead despite claim. Then several move to me, putting me in lead. I claim.
grit - Levi Strauss of Colma, JOAT, 1-shot Riveted-Pants (Weak Doc), 1-shot Sensor.
Borealis goes back into lead, then several move to me despite my claim. I'm saved in the end by players moving to absent MikeS.
Day 3 I confirm borealis who also claims TW kill. Y.B confirms me as visiting bo.

Everyone left have confirmed roles, and bo has confirmed alignment. rach's role is only scum-confirmed, but like Y.B's claim, "half of Well's Fargo" is weird enough there has to be some truth in there. rach has seemed more game-solvy, but Y.B still has the fresh-off-the-boat new-mafia smell. I agree with diva that Y.B wouldn't likely pull "named townie" out of the air, and I'm not thinking TW or LD would, so raven would have to had helped, and I don't remember her ever doing that.

There's still tons of other weird game stuff I just can't wrap my brain around > like the halves and "co-"s, and all that weird "Sam Brannan" stuff. I mean, diva was town and claimed "Sam Brannon" after rach brings it up, but then flips an entirely different Sam. Was all the flavour just nostalgic distraction? And the "co-"/ "half" "loyal"/"innocents" stuff too? It seems rach was at least legitimately trying to figure out things like "loud".
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
@@VOTE borealis@@
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 5
There does seem to be some as yet unrevealed weirdness mechanic-wise and Mz-wise and maybe even nostrum-wise. I can't tell if Mz meant for his nostrum vote to count or meant to squeak it in after Nightfall. But had he let his unvote of rach stand he would have been the next lynch with the mayor's 1.5. He might not have known that though, since several players were around and the vote could have resolved elsewhere. But then the rest of the after-voting has me puzzled too.

I know bo isn't scum. I've been conflicted on rach. She seemed odd Day 1, but there's this whole mafia womenz Zen thing, I think maybe even bo started it way back when (no, not to the dinosaur ages, who said that?).  Day 2 Scum TW makes a huge point of rach NOT possibly scum due to a 2-2 Day 1 tie with Testy that wasn't really a tie. Later rach comes in and doesn't even mention that but gets very defensive to Y.B & Mz who then lynch-votes her (LOL, Mz was making all the womenz lose their Zen).  And she opens Day 2 with almost the exact same sentence TW had used, "Well looks like town is going to have to work hard this game" (#62). But Day 3 she is definitely around at eod when Scum #2 LD goes down. It would have been so easy to switch to DL after bo & I unvoted LD - well, apart from her having just defended DL.

I still think poe favours Y.B as scum. I know he inadvertently saved my life by confirming my visit to bo, but he sort of had to at that point, and his original Day 2 role-reveal out-of-the-blue under no pressure, but just to fos rach seems odd. Maybe just newish or used to sites where the role-reveal like crazy. It's the voting record that looks the worst.

Also, we have to be right today.

Mafia / Re: The Imperial Salon, San Francisco, circa 1859
Apologies for oversleeping.  Working on vote count now....
A raven sleeping above our heads is much better than other things one might imagine a raven doing up there.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 4
I always look for a super-scum, but if it's you or nosty, Mz, y'all deserve the win.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 4
It's probability through poe for me.