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I thought the first act started a little slowly but once it got going it was awesome.

Also . . . the post credit scenes.
Going tonight if I can get tickets for a late show.

Got tickets for the 11pm show tonight.
Going tonight if I can get tickets for a late show.

The caterwauling of employers that they simply can't find qualified candidates (unspoken: for the wages they want to pay them) has all of the earmarks of just such a temper tantrum.

For all but a few years in the last 15, many employers became accustomed to having multiple applicants for any job they offered, who had already learned the skills (and presumably been "downsized" or laid off by a previous employer). To put it simply: this was Marx's "reserve army of the unemployed." Employers were rewarded even if they did not offer any raises. They became accustomed to the success of this practice. In other words, they *learned* the behavior.

Now the behavior is no longer being rewarded. At the wages previously offered, candidates already skilled at the position are no longer available or applying. Instead, the "quits" rate of employees leaving their jobs for other, better-paying jobs, is near an all-time high.

So what does psychology tell us to expect? An extinction burst.

And that may be just what we are seeing in the soaring number of "job openings" compared with actual hires. Employers who don't want to raise wages are furiously repeating their learned behavior, trying one last time to make it work.

The classification of most employers as petulant children agrees with me.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I had to check for a second whether this was the comic relief thread.
the left is out of control with the demeaning language and condescension, and it's only going to drive people further right. smh.
I mean, you imply that this shit hasn't been driving people leftwards for years. Did wonders for me.

Biggest driver to the Left for me was Free Republic.
That is news.

The Treasury Department's inspector general is investigating how Stormy Daniels's lawyer, Michael Avenatti, obtained confidential banking records concerning a company controlled by President Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Not surprised.
well . . . um
Well, they said they wanted the old system back and yearly double digit increases is basically the old system.

So they should be happy now.
I hope once this trilogy is over they can go away from the Skywalkers and tell brand new stories in this universe.

Three trilogies of the tiny rebel alliance fighting against the current stand-in for the empire is too much.

Oh, and one thing that really bothered me in The Last Jedi is when the rebel ships were maintaining distance from the First Order (or whatever) ships their medical ship ran out of fuel and drifted back towards the bad ships and got blown up. They're in space. Shouldn't the medical ship have maintained the speed and direction it was going in when it ran out of fuel and thus stayed out of range of the bad guy's guns?
Like the ghost nation speculation.
Milton Friedman?
trump did indeed tell people to vote for moore.  to defend himself, trump might point out that he was against moore before he was for him.  but when you take both sides of an issue, I think it's fair for someone else to pick the less favorable one and give you shit for it.

Like the time you made of midgets?
The Last Jedi

Didn't really like it that much. The main series has been pretty much shit but the stand alone Rogue One was quite good and I'm hopeful that the upcoming stand alone Solo will be good as well.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Facebook
So glad FB let me think I deleted my account.
I also heard that Trump wants to hire Clinton impeachment lawyer Emmet Flood. But I haven't seen anything saying whether or not Flood will take the job.
Like clockwork.

Who does that leave on Trump's legal team? Just Sekulow and Giuliani?
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Anime is real
Also watching another Netflix anime called Violet Evergarden about a female weapon dealing with issues after the war is over and trying to find some sort of meaning.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Anime is real

15 minute episodes by the creator of Hello Kitty about a woman dealing with workplace issues. I read an article (on The Verge(?)) about how this is a very good depiction of feminine rage in the workplace.

It's on Netflix.