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Are any of these franchises or particular films within the franchises worth seeing? For whatever reason, they all seem like they're the same movie to me. (just did a little wiki'ing. They probably seem the same to me because Patrick Wilson is in 2 of the series as well as James Wan seemingly directing all of them)

Conjuring/ Annabelle (I only know these are related cuz I just wiki'ed it)

I feel like at least one of these franchises has to be decent or maybe better than decent. IDK for whatever reason I haven't seen any of them and I love horror films.

I'll also ask about the Purge franchise even though I know it's not related, but it looks decent enough. (though, fuck, Ethan Hawke is in the Purge and one of those movies above. They really need to find some different actors!)

Anyway, The Purge series any good as well?
 Did the board software change in the last hour or so? Looks completely different on my phone but now I have more functionality replying to posts. Can't seem to figure out how to get grey rat scheme back though