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Science / Re: Uncrypting cryptids
The first one is likely of the dolphin family. The tail might be a matter of perspective in the photo- it could be twisted and visible from the side.

Second one, probably a hybrid. Doesn't look that weird to me.
No for a lot of reasons it makes sense to try to help them produce 200,000 food calories per acre sustainably instead of 20,000 per acre ( my guess at a figure for hunting and fishing )
So what's your plan for getting 200,000 food calories per acre, without relying on milk?
My point is that there are vast difference between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky versus the old Masai tribesman who married the 15 year old.  And for some reason Voxrat thinks my "hypocrisy is nauseating" for pointing that out. Or something.
Dave, I'm sure that you and me and VoxRat agree that the two are pretty different.

I'm not sure there's agreement on which one is worse, however.

Hence the nausea.
Did I mention that Kim plays Trump like a fiddle? I believe I did.

NK: "We can talk with the USA whenever"
Trump: "OK I'll do it"
SK: "Great!"
Everyone else: "Whaaaaaaa?"
NK: "Excellent! Let me talk to SK, and, BTW, closing down that testing site"
SK: "Trump deserves the Nobel prize!"
Trump: "Heh. Well, everybody says I do!"
Trump's advisors: "Mr. President, we should be really careful about this"
Trump: "Whatever, set me a date!"
NK: "(anytime now) Here are some political prisoners we freed for you!"
Trump: "OMG call the reporters! Print the challenge coins! Nobel Prize here I come!"
Trump's advisors: "OK look, we need to make it clear that any initiation of talks assumes complete and total disarmament. Right Mr. President?"
Trump: "Um, yeah, sure."
NK: (Aaaaaaand GO!) "Those remarks are insulting to us! We're no longer talking with SK, and we'll think about whether we'll go to the meeting!"
SK: "Well, shit."
Trump: (shit, better play it tough) "Well you can forget about the meeting! It's off! It's your fault and China's and the Dem's!"
SK: "You gotta be fucking kidding me"
Trump's advisors: *phew*
NK: "Aww, that's quite sad. We were hoping that the Great Trump would have a different approach than every other US president until now. Oh well, we're still willing to discuss as always"
Trump: "...You know what? The meeting's back on"
Everybody: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?"
Trump's advisors: "Just shoot me"
whats mysterious is how Trump, of all people, came to be anyone's hero.
It's the ultimate triumph of cynicism.
Yeah. A more disgusting human is hard to imagine.
Oh I dunno. How about the president who got a blowjob from a female intern under the desk in the Oval Office?
Nope. Pee tape. Try again.
Lol, now Trump says they might have the meeting after all.

Kim is playing him like a fiddle.
Just to put this in perspective... Their entire Conservation District is about 2300 square miles and we're talking about experimenting on ONE square mile to provide all the animal food product needs for the village.  keep in mind that this will remove a significant amount of hunting pressure from the other 2299 Acres. I do not know the number of Acres required in a Hunting Preserve to supply 128 million food calories. I suspect it's a very large area.
Question- What percentage of all those calories will come from milk?
Don't know yet.  I would probably start the flock with a high percentage of sheep and a relatively low percentage of dairy goats. Meat is proven. Milk not so much although I am told that they like it whenever they can get it.  Powdered whole milk is common in these South American countries and I'm guessing that's the form they've had it.

My guess is that I will pay my own way and pay for the starting flock out of my own funds. If the project goes well, I'm sure there would be other funding sources.
Ok so under those assumptions, can you show us how you get your estimate of 200,000 food calories per acre?
Personality cults quite often revolve around horrible people.
IOW, Trump Works in Mysterious Ways.
Just to put this in perspective... Their entire Conservation District is about 2300 square miles and we're talking about experimenting on ONE square mile to provide all the animal food product needs for the village.   keep in mind that this will remove a significant amount of hunting pressure from the other 2299 Acres. I do not know the number of Acres required in a Hunting Preserve to supply 128 million food calories. I suspect it's a very large area.
Question- What percentage of all those calories will come from milk?
The thing is, as far as YEC and 'HMG' are concerned, dave is fairly certain he knows the issues better than anyone. You know, biology better than biologists, ecology better than ecologists, the works.

Not so with politics, though.

He still thinks he's right about his politics, of course (NPD and all that), but he's fully aware that he's woefully ignorant and unprepared to support his "right" position in a discussion. That's why he only posts silly pictures and links to ridiculous hacks (whose absurdity he cannot even begin to comprehend, being ignorant and unprepared).
Why bother?  You're not interested in truth.  It's more fun to just post a bit of reality now and then and watch you people screw yourselves into the ceiling.
What part of what you posted constitutes "reality"? (Well, besides the meaning of the signs on the seal ::))

The answer is- Nothing. As you would know, if you had the balls to read the link I gave you (which has REAL arguments and presents REAL facts).

But you remain in absolute horror of the mere possibility of having your neat worldview challeneged. That's why you see hero-worship hack jobs with zero content as "freaking awesome" articles.
Continuing... It's a freaking awesome article...
Once you finish wiping the jizz off your screen, check the link to the article I gave you. Then tell me why it's wrong.

You can use "arguments" from Your Buddy Sundance, if you like *PFFFFFFFTT*  :hehe:
Here's the wheat ... courtesy of my buddy Sundance

  Chairman Xi Jinping Responds: North Korea says it is still willing to talk with US "at any time" and in "any format"

Posted by sundance

The MSM is insufferable in their intentional disconnect of the dynamic behind the North Korean denuclearization talks.  It was Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping who brought the DPRK to the table; and it was Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping who pushed North Korea away from the table in their manipulative efforts to extract trade concessions. Every other review of the geopolitical gamesmanship is chaff and countermeasures.

U.S. President Trump is holding massive steel and aluminum tariffs as an economic sword of Damocles over the head of Beijing during ongoing trade negotiations.  Chairman Xi sought to increase his own leverage by pulling North Korea's Chairman Kim Jong-un away from bilateral peace and denuclearization talks.  However, POTUS Trump responded to the Beijing power-play by announcing a Section 232 trade review over the entire auto-industry; and then bolstered his counter-move by cancelling talks with Kim Jong-un.


Cool story bro. If by "wheat" you mean a content-free mental jerk-off to The Genius Who Is Trump, that is. I particularly liked the 'analysis' on what the olive branch and the arrows mean on the seal- That showed dem libs! :rofl:

Come on dave. Try to do this for me: Scrape all the mindless hero-worship away from that text, and see what remains. I know that stuff gives you a hard-on as big as they do to Sundance himself, but indulge me. Tell me what actual arguments you can see there.
There aren't any, are there? He just begins with the assumption that Trump will pwn China "on the economic issues" (lol), and constructs his boner-inducing narrative from there. Also, this article directly negates the previous one you had linked to us, but neither you nor Your Buddy Sundance seem to care. After all, both 'articles' share the same 'quality' of being completely detatched from the actual facts as they develop. Which is apparently waht you want, so...

Speaking of which: Here's a recent article that, you know, actually refers to and analyzes Real events, as they happen in the Real World:

Why Trump will lose the trade war with China

Notice, also, that it says what I've been telling you more than a week ago. "Lol OK", right?
Look at this moron.
Trump threatens war against North Korea -- and says South Korea and Japan will pay for it
resident Donald Trump on Thursday threatened to go to war with North Korea if it kept behaving badly -- and he said that our allies in Japan and South Korea would pay for it.

During his formal announcement on withdrawing from a planned summit with North Korea, Trump said that both South Korea and Japan "are willing to shoulder much of the cost of any financial burden, any of the costs associated by the United States in operations" if the United States is "forced" to attack North Korea.
A survey of 106 university students at Kookmin University in Seoul showed 57.3 percent had a positive image of Kim Jong Un after the summit, compared to 19.8 percent beforehand.

Trump did this, dave.
Summit is off.

This official White House statement is a masterpiece of passive-aggressive excuse-making.

I can't say for certain who actually penned it.
But the oozing rationalization defense mechanism appears to have Stephen Miller's  DNA all over it.
For some reason, it comes off to me like someone cancelling his subscription to a magazine because their name appeared on a phishing list, but you know, the articles were cool, I dunno, maybe if they sent him another invite...
Just like it did with the Paris agreement, the ACA replacement, the wall, the Iran deal, the China trade deal...

Trumpers are just quoting Scripture at this point. "For it is written, in our Glorious Leader's Tweets..."
I guess you were never that fond of 'lots of work'.
Well, Heinz's original response was in reference to the way Trump talks... So I guess his point was that Trump is the only person to be a billionaire AND POTUS, so just maybe he talks like that because he knows something that most people don't.

Then again, I'm still convinced he's trolling us out of boredom, so...
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
lol at the NFL trying to appease President Shithead and him immediately going back on the attack, completely predictably

So they only have to stand?

That means they can do all sorts of things while "standing proudly"? For example...

Yeah, I can see this going great.
Talking like a moron = wealth + power, apparently.
Being a billionaire- especially one born with a silver spoon in his mouth - is points off AFAIC.

A lot of points 

ETA:  Even more especially one with a long sordid and well documented history of shady dealings to maintain and amplify that wealth.

Everyone here is missing the point, probably because of their blind hatred for Trump.

The only point was that he is the only person to be a billionaire AND POTUS, so just maybe he does know something that most people don't. But you people cannot even admit something as obvious as that. Hatred destroys the hater.
Logical fallacies destroy logic. (Or, alternatively, help it by highlighting examples of How Not To Do It)
Goat Rodeo:

Trump cancels Kim summit amid North Korea 'hostility'

Guess all those US/NK Summit commemorative coins were a bit premature.
I bet Kim's response (well, the response his authors will write up for him) will include something like "When the President of the USA cares no more about petty political games, Nobel prizes and his own ratings, and is ready to discuss in earnest about the well-being of the People, the Chairman of NK will be here to meet him on the negotiating table as an equal. Our offer stands".

And just like that, that little SOB will have come out on top. Great.