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I dunno a lot of people bitch about gas prices

But lol the Dems are controlled opposition
Maybe this article belongs here more:

America's Version of Capitalism Is Incompatible With Democracy

But there are real stakes to that dispute. Beyond the aforementioned implications for how the anti-Trump opposition should be organized, the goal of preserving norms, and that of redistributing economic power, can -- and, if Democrats ever regain power, will -- come into conflict.

Let's say Chuck Schumer becomes Senate Majority Leader next year. If restoring norms is the paramount objective, then he will have to implore his caucus to confirm any conventionally qualified judicial nominees that the president puts forward; if combating runaway corporate power is the first priority, however, he'll need to have those nominations killed in committee, to keep seats open for future, pro-labor judges. Similarly, if Democrats secure full control in 2020 (or 2024, or 2028), abolishing the filibuster will almost certainly be a prerequisite for any major redistributive reform. And if Trump is able to appoint multiple Supreme Court justices -- and a "neo-Lochner era" commences, with the court's far-right majority routinely vetoing landmark progressive legislation (as it came within one vote of doing to the Affordable Care Act) -- then it will be very important for progressives to know whether norm-erosion or economic inequality is the more fundamental threat to their democracy.
"but he only meant MS-13!!!"

fuck the idiots at CNN and AP for ever apologizing for correctly reporting trump's rhetoric

bonus for ffuy:

Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
lol they gave j-kush permanent security clearance
It's pretty sad and obvious that's what all of their desparate failing is about. At least this time they didn't pretend to give a shit about "mental health" while voting to cut Medicaid funding
brug I used to say oregano like Marge for fun but it's gotten to the point that this is how I usually say it now for real, +/- "what the hell?" about 1/3 of the time. And I can't see a gym without calling it a gyme.

Unfortunately I'm surrounded by young people who have only seen like 2 Simpsons episodes and don't understand anything I say. :sadcheer:

my wife shows her students (7th grade) The Raven from The Simpsons every year and I'm pretty sure she's the only one who enjoys it, the kids are only vaguely aware of the simpsons existing
The NRA was openly defending him, and Sen. Cornhole out of Texas was floating that bullshit from the father, too.

Execute the father, make the son throw the lever
do you notice how there's a giant article link and even auto-embedded headline right in the first tweet you insufferable dumb ass?

e: if the tweets aren't auto-embedding and displaying then yeah my posts are pretty useless but I really only use twitter to follow legit journalists who often tweet snippets and links of their own stories, such as in this case!
"fix" voting "fraud", you mean

it was clear from the start that it was entirely about "fixing" non-white people's ability to "legally vote"
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I love all of the conservatives' obsession with apeing soldier culture with all of these dumb challenge coins

chuck's surely gonna reel 'em in with this coin bullshit, he's got it this time


Schumer is the fucking worst
no I think the appeals court basically told him to go fuck himself and pay up
there's basically a 100% chance that same person quotes Animal Farm's "some animals are more equal than others" as a criticism of socialism
it said your posts are bad and you should feel bad

she must have been correcting a typo or something, here's what it was/is

trump routinely shits on specific media outlets and they all stay quiet and complacent. they walked out and refused to return until there was an official apology to Fox News.