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  • I think the biggest problem with TR is that a lot of you dont know how to surrender graciously when youre beat.

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By keeping the secret forums out of Bart's hands.
Going to the library is socialist.

omg, you read all that? (((meep)))
You keep forgetting that in this timeline nothing matters.
I want to read a good book about the rise of socialism in Russia and the Russian Revolution but I don't want to have to wade through a ton of books by right-wing hacks.

Anyone have some book suggestions?
I was at a precinct meeting a couple weeks ago where that question was on the agenda. The consensus was that the higher ups knew exactly the reasons and really didn't want to hear them.

Of courses they know.
Are any of those about TGrump's personal lawyer, Emmett Flood, going to the DOJ briefing along with Kelly? And that's after the White House said no White House officials would be part of the briefing. Liars.

Can't see them because IT felt like they needed to block Twitter.
Unfortunately . . . yes.
Sports / Re: Lol fuck the nfl
Goodell is a piece of shit liar.

I hate the NY Jets but the owner has said the team will gladly pay any fines levied against players and won't take any action against them.

Obviously Jets ownership should be deported.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Lol nothing matters

How dare you downplay the vicious attack perpetrated upon poor Tomi Lahren! Do you know how hard it is to get water out of business casual attire!?
Does anyone even pronounce that word with a long "i"?

I've never heard anyone pronounce it without a long i.

same :fistbump:

also "aunt" is "awnt" not "ant".
It is truly fascinating to see the disconnect among all of the free market evangelist employers who also whine about the shortage of "qualified" workers.

Free Market for me but not for thee.

I thought the first act started a little slowly but once it got going it was awesome.

Also . . . the post credit scenes.
Going tonight if I can get tickets for a late show.

Got tickets for the 11pm show tonight.
Going tonight if I can get tickets for a late show.

The caterwauling of employers that they simply can't find qualified candidates (unspoken: for the wages they want to pay them) has all of the earmarks of just such a temper tantrum.

For all but a few years in the last 15, many employers became accustomed to having multiple applicants for any job they offered, who had already learned the skills (and presumably been "downsized" or laid off by a previous employer). To put it simply: this was Marx's "reserve army of the unemployed." Employers were rewarded even if they did not offer any raises. They became accustomed to the success of this practice. In other words, they *learned* the behavior.

Now the behavior is no longer being rewarded. At the wages previously offered, candidates already skilled at the position are no longer available or applying. Instead, the "quits" rate of employees leaving their jobs for other, better-paying jobs, is near an all-time high.

So what does psychology tell us to expect? An extinction burst.

And that may be just what we are seeing in the soaring number of "job openings" compared with actual hires. Employers who don't want to raise wages are furiously repeating their learned behavior, trying one last time to make it work.

The classification of most employers as petulant children agrees with me.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I had to check for a second whether this was the comic relief thread.
the left is out of control with the demeaning language and condescension, and it's only going to drive people further right. smh.
I mean, you imply that this shit hasn't been driving people leftwards for years. Did wonders for me.

Biggest driver to the Left for me was Free Republic.
That is news.

The Treasury Department's inspector general is investigating how Stormy Daniels's lawyer, Michael Avenatti, obtained confidential banking records concerning a company controlled by President Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Not surprised.
well . . . um