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Topics - dinosaurs!

I was a Panzer-Grenadier in the Waffen-SS, Specifically the 1st SS-Pz.Div. LSSAH. AMA.

DownFallSyndrome 27 points 3 years ago
You still have your luger! That's so awesome. I'm wanting to get one to add to my collection of World War 2 stuff. So expensive though....

I've noticed German and English have much in common. But the grammar can be hard.

Tell your grandpa thanks for answering all these questions. And thank him for his service.

(Yes I know he was technically the "enemy" but he was fighting for his people and country. A brave thing to do.)

[-]Alder333 71 points 3 years ago
Me: Grandpa's crying right now. He say's no one has ever said that to him before and to tell you, thank you.Thank you so much for thanking him for his service.

[-]reaper420 12 points 3 years ago
What did you think of the Nuremberg trials? Do you think the right people were charged , should have more been more charged... less etc

[-]Alder333 24 points 3 years ago
Grandpa: Less. No soldier should have been tried there, only the politicians. Your supposed to charge the people at the top for command failures, not the people in the near top or middle. That's not how responsibility and blame works.
After all, if a private person wants someone removed from their private property, the reason for the removal shouldn't matter.

Politics and Current Events / Duterte
I can't even be arsed to explain all of it, just look up the large son with the dragon tattoo that he refuses to let the DEA see
A Florida man killed his fellow neo-Nazi roommates after he converted to Islam and they did not respect his new faith, police said.

Devon Arthurs led cops to the bodies of his former friends on Friday, but not before he also allegedly held two customers and an employee of Tampa's Green Planet Smoke Shop hostage with a pistol before he surrendered.


Russell had just returned from Army National Guard training on Friday to find the two dead men, according to the complaint, and was arrested a day later while driving in the Florida Keys.

Federal authorities say that they found the compound hexamethane triperoxide diamine as well as other bomb-making materials such as ammonium nitrate and the radioactive materials thorium and americium during a search of Russell's house and garage.

Russell, who allegedly had a framed photo of right-wing terrorist Timothy McVeigh in his bedroom and claimed to be from the neo-Nazi group Atom Waffen, said that the explosive material was for an engineering project he did in 2013, according to his federal arrest affidavit.
the visit hasn't actually happened yet but I didn't want to risk getting scooped
Politics and Current Events / Removing Guapo
I wanted to do one too
Disagree that PII can be gleaned from a browsing history. Navigating to a site leaves my IP and MAC but purchase history is encrypted (HTTPS) so not viewable and is stored in a different segment of long-term memory so not collectible in the same data grab as browsing history. Metadata is up to whomever architects the website, probably updated constantly to meet changing market demands, but will NEVER contain PII as it is embedded in the CSS or XML, not on the client side.

I like single sing-on and we use (what is supposed to be) SSO for our corporate site. This does not protect a user from browsing history unless the ISP spoofs the MAC or generalizes/anonymizes either the MAC or IP.

In either case, PII is not part of the problem and the author of the news piece conflated the two. Meaning they have no technical expertise to write intelligently on the subject and is guilty of spreading incorrect information to the public.

I smell toast

In part because of young whites like Shecter and van Meter, rap's influence on the street continues to decline.