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I dunno a lot of people bitch about gas prices

this is like, when the death star is revving up to laser your planet, complaining that its exhaust port system doesn't meet EPA standards
I dunno a lot of people bitch about gas prices

But lol the Dems are controlled opposition
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: The Cat Thread
Last post by Testy Calibrate -
Bye bonesey
Gee, Heinz - Trump has shown no respect to my elected leader, even bragged and laughed about lying to his face. Should I respect Trump too or do I get a pass?

You are a canuk, you get a pass.

But you really seem upset about that; you mention it often enough.

I am. It's symbolic of the disregard and contempt with which Trump and his cronies regard Canada. The US is a monstrous country, with which our economy is inextricably entwined. Their culture, massive as it is, inevitably influences our own culture, usually not to the better. (For example, there are now more than one hundred hate groups in Canada, mostly white supremacists, all directly involved with their US counterparts).

Most Presidents at least pay lip service to respecting our sovereignty. Trump is something else. He's a bully and he lies without even thinking about it. He can't be trusted to keep his word on anything. He seesaws on trade, NATO, TPP, lumber, dairy, god knows what his oil stance is going to be in the future. A much smaller economy like Canada's requires stability, something we will never have with Trump in office.

His appalling environment and wildlife decisions may be disastrous for Canadian lands and wildlife as well.

Of course it was upsetting, why the hell would it not be?

Although I mostly repeat it to try to ding it into Dave's thick skull that his hero Trump is a bully and a liar. H never responds, of course.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Last post by the idea of Harambe -

In the wake of the November 2016 elections, an image was formed in the public's mind of "Trump Country," those down-and-out places in the Rust Belt where the factory moved to Mexico a decade ago, the only decent jobs could be found at Walmart, and where white working-class voters threw their lot with someone who blamed other people--immigrants, Muslims, Black Lives Matter--for their problems. But it is impossible to talk about the Trump coalition without talking about places like Suffolk, filled with towns and people who have benefitted immensely from the global order that Trump promised to upend.

folks, this is the real trump country, i am surrounded at all times by the absolute worst fucking chuds on earth

eta: think i have said this before but trump is basically the first long island president. there are millions of horrible whites out here who are just like him.
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: The Cat Thread
Last post by borealis -
Sorry, Spode.

Even the longest-lived kitties die too young.
Let's just see where the chips fall. I predict FBI heads will roll right into jail. It will take time for it to happen but I predict it will happen. I have had enough arguing, thanks!
Do you think it will happen before or after NALSA strikes the Blackbird's records from its books?