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  • "il y a une chance que" generally calls for the subjunctive, so could someone please chance "peut" to "puissiez"? Failing that, at least change it to "pouvez" so it doesn't scream  "TalkRational: a republic of illiteracy" to the world.

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Politics and Current Events / Re: Goddamnit Al
Last post by Recusant -

gosh, is there nothing the insidious slav can't do?

I think I detect sarcasm in your take. If so, it may be justified.

"Newsweek, Ijeoma Oluo, and the Overhyping of Twitter Bots in Al Franken's Resignation" | The Stranger

And as Oluo noted on Twitter, the anti-Franken tweets citing her work came after the senator announced his plans to step down, not before. On that day, the Associated Press tweeted at 10:58 a.m that Franken planned to resign. Oluo told me over the phone that her piece went live at 12:47 p.m. (There are no timestamps on The Establishment, the site where here piece was published.) With this timeline in mind, the idea that bots weaponizing Oluo's work had any effect on Franken's decision is preposterous.
Politics and Current Events / Re: The All-American Shooting Thread
Last post by MSG -

looking at the comments section . . . there's no hope for us

the human race was a mistake
good god.
This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on harassment and bullying.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Last post by el jefe -
no adult. no adult. you're the adult.
Toomey is going to introduce a background checks expansion bill.  (he coauthored one with Manchin in 2013, which was tamer than things the nra had claimed to support in the past, but the gun nuts decided it was tyranny because obama supported it, and defeated it.)

in related news, support for universal background checks is now at 97%.  not a typo.  people who still oppose it are way the fuck outside the mainstream.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: bilirubin callout thread
Last post by Bilirubin -
And Georgia.
I'd be pretty skeptical considering that's also how they have west Virginia, Indiana, and Kentucky.