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Steam powered rockets is a legit thing.

Evil Knevil failed to jump the Snake River Canyon in one. Coincidently that failure was also due to premature chute deployment.
So yeah ...  just about all the dental research subsequent to Price's is worthless.

Unless you are Procter & Gamble selling toothpaste. Then it's quite useful. :-)
OTOH, just about all the cardiovascular research BEFORE Malhotra (and AFTER him) is worthless.

Once again, I wonder what your criterion is here...
Price did careful experiments and observations that established once and for all that fermentable carbs "displace" other nutrient dense foods.

The end.

And with a loud clang, Dave's mind snaps shut.

I suppose "cute" is all you've got since the best objection you could come up with was that you think price didn't reliably verify the kids diets at home.

No dave.

Look at the experiment again. Look at what Price did. Look at the results.

What would the results be if he was WRONG?
Price did careful experiments and observations that established once and for all that fermentable carbs "displace" other nutrient dense foods.

The end.
HOW did his "experiment" do that?

Here's a trick that might one day help you not suck at science, dave. When you want to do an experiment that tests your hypothesis, always consider what that experiment would show if your hypothesis was WRONG.

You know about that. We've discussed it many times. But I don't think you've even considered to correctly apply it.

Start with Price's "experiment". What would it show, if your claim that carbohydrates are only a "displacer" was wrong?
I don't know, Dave.  When did you last have your teeth checked?
I check them every day. They are in my mouth, remember?

You check your own teeth for dental caries?
i'm quite grown up thank you. But more importantly for the purpose of this discussion, Price was right way back in the 1930s  about refined carbohydrates being "displacers" rather than being some sort of  "poison."  i'm sorry you're not seeing it.

Most of the researchers that followed Price were likely hired by industry to find what industry wanted them to find.

You've heard "follow the money"?

Well... You should.
"Follow the money", huh?
Last year, Malhotra drew intense backlash from health experts after co-writing a report that encouraged people with type II diabetes and obesity to fight their diseases by eating more fat and ditching efforts to keep track of calories.

The report was written secretly and released by the National Obesity Forum, for which Malhotra was also a senior advisor. The Forum is funded by the meat industry and drug companies.
Hmmm. Thanks, dave!
"However, a great deal of evidence subsequent to his own studies shows that he was substantially wrong."

Yeah. "Evidence subsequent to ..." ... from shysters like Keys.


No, Dave.  Evidence from painstaking work by dental researchers showing the mechanism by which eating sugar results in dental caries.
Sort of like Keys' painstaking work in which he showed the mechanism for how saturated fat causes heart disease?

Oh wait.
Yes, let's wait. For you to read all the goddamn research establishing that link over the decades.

I suspect its gonna take a while...
Tell me Jon ... "Accoster of Tard" ...  why is it that I no longer get cavities in spite of the fact that I only brush my teeth twice a week and I eat plenty of sugar every day?  and believe me I had plenty as a kid and even on up to a few years ago.
When did you last have your teeth checked?

(Is this gonna be yet another "by no cavities, I mean they don't hurt" davination?)
It's cargo cult criticism.

He sees other people distinguishing between good and bad science and so he does the same, but without the actual critique.

He does cargo cult insults as well.