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Attn: music nerds good at finding stuff
Back in the day, my dad had a sweet vinyl collection, and when 8 tracks and cassettes came out, he copied everything onto tape and got rid of almost every record he had.

When I was a teenager, I listened to a lot of those tapes, but after so many years and so many plays, they started deteriorating. My brother helped me get a few things on mp3 by recording it through the stereo system, but by that point, some stuff was damaged. And it was already a digital recording of a cassette recording of a previously used record so the equality was kind of iffy.

There was one set of songs in particular by Sacha Distel that I don't have and haven't ever been able to find. I've been intermittently looking for them off and on for over 15 years. One of them is this upbeat jazz interpretation of La vie en rose, and I've never been able to find out anything about it, though I think it showed up on a list in a discography once. Every so often, I'd come across another song of his in my library or something and try searching again, but I could never find anything.

Well, I was just reminded again for the first time in a year or so and looked again, and this time, I actually found one of the songs! :meeps:

And the kind soul who uploaded it listed the album title. The description linked there lists all of the songs on that goddamn tape, so this was probably the album that my dad had.


Except the only shit available anywhere is the EP which has nothing I care about on it.


Anyone have any ideas on where to look now that I have the album info? Is my best bet to bug the shit out of my brother so that he goes into record stores next time he visits his girlfriend in France? Based on my feeble attempts so far, it seems like the only way I'll ever get my hands on this is if someone literally finds it in a pile of random shit at a record store or if someone who has it uploads the rest some day.

It's driving me nuts that I finally fucking found the album but it still doesn't exist anywhere. Help me, nerds, you're my only hope.  :(

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Re: Attn: music nerds good at finding stuff
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iTunes (AU) has a shitload of Sacha Distal albums, including all the masters (83 songs) from the 1950s for $14.99.
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Re: Attn: music nerds good at finding stuff
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I have a lot of his stuff already and have searched compilations for years, but it's a handful of those songs on that particular album, especially his version of La vie en rose, that I've never been able to find.

eta I did find a different compilation set (2 LPs) being sold by someone in Australia, but it'd cost me $30 with shipping so idk. :unsure:

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Re: Attn: music nerds good at finding stuff
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MusicStack is the place I go to find rare vinyl

this it?

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Re: Attn: music nerds good at finding stuff
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I think the 7" is the EP that doesn't have the tracks I'm looking for. Hmm.

Looks like there's a lot there, so I'm going to look through the albums that popped up and see if I can find another compilation. Thanks! :)

eta I mean ideally, I'd rather have digital or CD but it'd also be pretty cool to have the vinyl and share it with my dad who THREW IT AWAY IN THE FIRST PLACE

eta2 okay this is really neat. I bet this is the version he bought in Argentina:
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Re: Attn: music nerds good at finding stuff
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There are 2 on eBay!

The cheaper one is mono:

The other one doesn't specify whether it's mono or stereo.

I kind of feel that for my purposes - which would be to create a digital copy for keeps and to occasionally play the LP - it doesn't matter. I have a ton of vinyl and 78s and never really gave a shit about the distinction. Does it really matter?

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Re: Attn: music nerds good at finding stuff
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The original recording would  probably have been in mono
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