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  • ksen
Anyone else watch this on the Netflix?

It was horrifying in parts.

All in all I liked it.

Re: Okja
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I have watched it.  It was pretty entertaining.

Re: Okja
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Loved it. Too bad it never got a real theatrical release because it can get lost on Netflix.

  • nostrum
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Re: Okja
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I watched it.  Good in parts, over the top in other parts and yes some horrifying stuff.  My 10yo daughter wanted to watch it and I really wasn't sure but then she watched it at a friend's house and coped well with it.  Perhaps the cuteness of the pigs > awfulness of their fate

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Re: Okja
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I haven't seen it yet, but I really liked Snowpiercer, which was also pretty horrifying in parts. Should I watch it or is it going to annoy me with the animal rights shit?

Re: Okja
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The animal rights shit isn't too bad.  It is worth seeing.

It doesn't really condemn meat eating outright or anything like that.  It is more about the complication of the intersection of genetic engineering and food animals.