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Black Panther (Spoilers)
I went and saw Black Panther. Liked it a lot. Lots of good stuff in that film.
Acting and dialogue was excellent as expected.
I really, really wanted it to end with T'Challa sitting down with his court and saying "Right. Along with building bridges to other nations in the world, we might also have a look at this whole hereditary monarchy thing and see if that's a sensible system of government.
One weird plot point. Knowing Marvel I expect it was explained, but I missed it, but why did Killmonger work with Klaue, get him the vibranium, then kill him so he could get into Wakanda. It did give us a great Bond style trip to Korea, but I couldn't see why Killmonger didn't just kill him and rock up on Wakanda's doorstep. There is one convoluted explanation that his plan and entrance to Wakanda required T'Challa to fail to capture Klaue, but it's a bit of a stretch.
Best Pun for the movie: This movie has some Tolkien white guys.
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