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Re: RIP Toys R Us
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guys this was supposed to be about the evils of private equity and capitlaism  :sadcheer:

Lol none of us cared about the demise of ToysRUs. Now we're talking about what kids do without the burdens and allure of rampant consumerism in Toyland.

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Re: RIP Toys R Us
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My mother used to say I was able to amuse myself for hours with a rubber band.

She seemed to find that very disturbing.  :ohdear:
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Re: RIP Toys R Us
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i was only about 30min away from a toys-r-us and only been in there twice
once when i was very little to buy a slot car track
and most recently was about 15 years ago for a game that was out of stock everywhere else

Re: RIP Toys R Us
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I was in a Toys R Us today. I think I know why they're going out of business. They literally had no shopping carts available.

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Re: RIP Toys R Us
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Yes, but weaker girls than you have succumbed to the pink frill and are still simpering pink idjits at 45.
I have 2 daughters, both now adults, and they both went through a Barbie phase although they went through it in totally different ways.

We did a fun ratio lesson with the girls where we scaled Barbie to life size on a roll of butcher paper. They were unimpressed by the ridiculousness of the proportions but had a blast decorating their giant grotesque  Barbie pictures with glitter glue and markers.

I didn't give a shit about Barbie's proportions, though I thought the feet were weird. With the exception of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics gymnast Barbie that had flat feet and jointed legs with knees and elbows that bent properly and actual hip sockets so you could make her actually do something resembling gymnastics. My favorite Barbies were Astronaut Barbie (who is at the Air & Space Museum!) and Dr. Barbie, who came with a pink stethoscope that had a little button on it so when you pressed the bell down, you'd hear a heartbeat. I also really wanted Baywatch Barbie because she came WITH A DOLPHIN, and I wanted the goddamn dolphin, but my mom never bought that one for me. :noo:

I did one day cut off all of one Barbie's hair just to see what she'd look like with a buzz cut and then I got bored and used acrylic paint to color her head. I called her Dennis Rodman Barbie.

Here's Astronaut Barbie:

And browsing through their website, holy shit, they've got some really cool dolls for grown-ups these days:

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Re: RIP Toys R Us
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Those are some awesome barbies.

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Re: RIP Toys R Us
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Marina Bychkova's porcelain dolls, not really for kids, mostly, and the joints are a bit strange: