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Stone Age Cosmopolitan
Using advanced sequencing methods, the team were able to recover DNA data from humans pre-dating the agricultural revolution in North Africa - around 10,000 years ago - for the first time.

They found that about two-thirds of the Taforalt individuals' heritage closely matched the DNA of the ancient Natufians, a culture that lived in the Eastern Mediterranean region of the Middle East until about 11,500 years ago.

The other third of the Taforalt DNA matched current populations in West Africa, suggesting interaction by peoples on either side of the Sahara Desert - a huge physical barrier to migration - were also occurring earlier than previously thought.

"Clearly, human populations were interacting much more with groups from other, more distant areas than was previously assumed," Mr Krause said.

And the paper in Science if you can access it (I cannot):

I kinda like this, because it suggests against humans being isolationist or in-group exclusive by nature. We're obviously a social animal, but even in the Stone Age, apparently, that socialization wasn't limited to people who hailed from one particular region.

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