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  • i prefer to make fun of idiots online because its the most effective way to convince the lurkers who are on the fence and its really such a shame that the only options are making fun of idiots or engaging in pointless intellectual discussions with people who will never be convinced man i really wish there were a third way thatd be pretty cool dont you think so bart but really its all for the lurkers and calling people dummies on the internet makes a real difference and saves lives we are super important dont forget it buddy.

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Elegy for a Dead World

Like a hawk soaring so high the world's curvature fills my eyes and mind
Like a kraken, my tentacled grasp inexorable and inescapable
Like the cool and distant moon, unmoved by trivial earthly cataclysms.
I will play this game.

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Re: Elegy for a Dead World
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I saw a couple youtube videos on it about a year ago. Cool idea, but it seems like it gets boring after a while.
Who even made the rule that we cannot group ducks and fish together for the simple reason that they are both aquatic? If I want to group them that way and it serves my purpose then I can jolly well do it however I want to and it is still a nested hierarchy and you can't tell me that it's not.