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  • TR:"Is it worth joining?" "Depends.  do you want to be befriended, pan-handled, insulted by diminutive lawyers, adopted as a surrogate parent, hit upon by latino fascists, blown into the water faster than the wind, embraced by christian refugees, rejected by lesbian separatists, recruited by messianic zionists, and killed in cold blood by the first person who befriended you?  then yes ..."

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Eat local
A brief history of growing warm climate fruit in colder, northern climates, 1600-1900

I had never heard of this before, although I certainly knew greenhouses were shit at maintaining heat

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Didn't read, but just wanted to say that locavorism is privileged crap

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No u
Love is like a magic penny
 if you hold it tight you won't have any
if you give it away you'll have so many
they'll be rolling all over the floor