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Re: Raccoon thread
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Poor critters.

ETA: one of my cats caught distemper, either from live vaccine or from a sick cat at the vet's. Regardless, I'd not wish it on any animal. They kept him at the vet's for five days on continual drip line, then handed him back to me too weak to stand for more than a few minutes, ribs visible through his fur, a severe limp from being confined I guess, and no appetite. They gave me a sticky nutrient paste to smear on his mouth to encourage him to eat.

He did recover, but he was a half grown kitten and developed a little odd looking, like a cat in a Mediaeval painting, kind of long bodied and short-limbed. He had been all black, but developed white speckles through his fur, lots of them.

Anyway, miserable disease.
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Re: Raccoon thread
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just by the by...
the human version of the virus that causes canine distemper is measles.

(It can be a pretty nasty disease, too, despite what you might hear from the Andrew Wakefields, Jenny McCarthys and Dave Hawkins of the world.)
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Re: Raccoon thread
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That's interesting, I did not know that. I had measles, since there was no vaccine when I was a kid. I remember having mad fever dreams.

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Re: Raccoon thread
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Feline distemper is feline panleukopenia virus, which is a parvovirus like the one that causes parvo in dogs. Canine distemper is a paramyxovirus. So they have the same name but are totally different, which is why the term distemper has fallen out of favor for feline panleukopenia. It's still commonly called that in practice out of habit as a short hand because it's a pain in the ass to refer to the vaccine as FVRCP when you can just call it distemper.

Raccoons, which are the best animals that I'm not allowed to have as pets :sadcheer: , can actually be infected by both feline panleuk and canine distemper, but given the neurologic signs, this was probably canine distemper.

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Re: Raccoon thread
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Here's what you could end up doing, meep, so you could play with baby raccoons. :D

Hope for Wildlife is a charitable wildlife rehabilitation and education organization located in Seaforth, Nova Scotia. Since 1997, we have rescued, rehabilitated, and released over 40,000 injured and orphaned wild animals representing over 250 species.

One lady started this in 1997. It's not very far from where I live.