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Old 03-20-2012, 03:57 AM   #1745041  /  #1
You wot?
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Default TSA staves off major terrorist threat at O Hare

God bless Lana and her ilk, who knows what this three year old proto Al Quaeda terrorist in a leg cast and wheelchair might have gotten up to if they hadnt separated him from his parents and felt him up.

For all their shitty and ineffective practices you have to ask, how many other job opportunities are there for paedophiles these days? Job creation for ALL is important in these lean times and the TSA is proving time and time again that it is ahead of the curve in nonce rehabilitation employment.

Lana can you tell me why the TSA feels the need to separate the kid from their parents before groping them? What threat was a 3 year old with a broken leg? Really?
Why would you need to remove his shirt, grope and swab a toddler? Checking for cooties?

Is it just more fun feeling up a scared, intimidated and isolated child than a happy one, or is it the power you get to wield over the parents that gives you a wide on?
It is the duty of all human beings to think God out of existence. Then we have a future.
Because then - and only then - do we take full responsibility for who we are.

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Old 03-20-2012, 04:04 AM   #1745047  /  #2
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Everyone in Canada is safer now that my drivers' license doesn't get me across the border.

It doesnít matter how beautiful your theory is. It doesnít matter how smart you are. If it doesnít agree with experiment, itís wrong.
-Richard Feynman, Nobel laureate in Physics, 1965
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Kid yourself about your behavior and you'll never learn a fucking thing.
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I thought of Lana when I saw this:

". . . organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy" - Matt Taibbi
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